Invoice processing automation • 2023

Streamlined AP processes boost department productivity and cash flow management. Efficient invoice processing reduces errors, saves costs, and ensures on-time payments. It enhances supplier relationships and regulatory compliance.

UX/UI Designer

UX/UI Designer


Invoice processing presents a challenge because it involves multiple stakeholders, complex approval workflows, and potential delays, making it difficult to maintain efficient and timely payments.


Our market research revealed a growing demand for streamlined invoice processing automation solutions across various industries, driven by the need to reduce operational costs, improve accuracy, and enhance productivity. Organizations are actively seeking user-friendly platforms that offer intuitive interfaces, robust data extraction capabilities, and efficient approval workflows to expedite payment cycles.

Most of the insights that have driven our decisions later came directly from the AP team and other stakeholders. After digging in with user interviews I gathered a lot of data and needed to organize all related facts into distinct clusters or categories.

They loved an idea of invoice processing automation, but often felt there is no way all the issues can be accomodated and resolved with this. So there was a challenge for me listen, note, analyze and include.

Focusing on

We aimed to target as much as possible but at first decided to  and focus on 3 target users of the app. Let me introduce you to Uploader, Verifier, Approver, and their thoughts.

User Flow

To visually outline the step-by-step journey users will take within the application I created a user flow. It helped me and stakeholders understand how users will interact with the system, identify potential pain points, optimize the workflow for efficiency, and ensure that the final design will align with user needs and business objectives.

Increasing Fidelity

Final Solution

The purpose of this particular dashboard is mostly operational with a few analytical touches. The information that is displayed on the dashboard is time sensitive and requires immediate action. It is kind of a digital control room or one stop show.
ML & Built-in approval process
Machine learning helps to scan, capture, match, and process invoice data. Built-in approvals help to accelerate payment process and reduce invoice processing time. Automated 2-way PO matching reduces waste, eliminates fraud, ensures audit preparedness, and saves you time.
Users of this app spend many hours a day in front of the screen. One of primary focuses while designing was to be consistent with the WCAG color contrast guidelines and other accessibility guidelines.


As a result we have designed a solution that helps eliminate manual invoice processing, decrease errors and double payments. It also supports users needs track invoices, download reports, and build better relationships with vendors. 


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